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PhotoScape 3.6.5
Photoscape software provides a variety of superb options for image processing enthusiasts and those who want to manage their own photo albums, so we had to include it in the list of our recommended programs.
The latest version of Photoscape, competes well with the heavy hitter of Adobe, known as "Photoshop." Photoscape includes a selection of filters that are in line with the professional filters you are used to working with when using Photoshop. The main advantage of the software, is that it is free, but unlike other free software, Photoscape does not compromise on quality, and provides plenty of features and tools.

Software Review

PhotoScape is a free image editor offering quick and effective all-in-one editing features and tools. Options within the editor include resizing, editing and tweaking digital photographs and scanned images. PhotoScape also has several tools to create slideshows, animated GIFs, capture screenshots, merge or split images etc. For novice users, there are video tutorials to learn how to hit the ground running.

Installation and Configuration
Simply download the executable file available for Windows computers and run it on your machine. The installation wizard guides you on how to setup and what features to choose, based on your individual requirements. Once installed and ready, PhotoScape will be available within your Start Menu.

The Basics
PhotoScape has seven core functions, which include Batch Editor, Merge, Editor, Page, Animated GIF, Print and Viewer.

For someone with little to no experience in photo editing, the application's features can be confusing. Just know that the Help tab will get you lots of useful information on how to navigate and utilize PhotoScape for your digital imagery projects. The video tutorials are a huge help too.

Batch Editor takes all the images from a specified folder and edits them according to the settings detailed by you. You don't need to apply the same settings for each individual image. This comes in handy for web designers and creating slideshows.

The Animated GIF feature allows you to make fun and creative GIFs that can be made to look like video snippets. The quality is grainy at best, because that's inherent to animated GIFs, but it's still a good feature.

The Editor is where you'll find all the generic photo editing tools, such as crop, resize, sharpen, blur, filter, frames, contrast, lighting, screen capture, color picker, raw converter, text, drawing, red eye correction, image splitter and blooming. PhotoScape's cropping tool is worth a mention here, because it has the capacity to crop images while keeping the original image's high quality.

Using the Page tool, you can create a montage for websites or blogs. The montage can be directly uploaded on to a web page for quick and easy photo gallery creations.

Merge is more or less the same as the Page tool, with the ability to add more frames and effects. It's also known as Combine in the later versions of PhotoScape.

PhotoScape's Viewer allows you to open a folder within the PhotoScape utility and view all the images within that folder. There's image preview and large icon listing available.
The Print tool in PhotoScape is noteworthy, because you have many print settings you can use to enhance your printed image quality. You can even set the spacing between each photo, drag and drop the pictures into the print window and set the printed size for each picture.

PhotoScape is only available for Windows computers.

PhotoScape is freeware, so it's not expected to be as great as photoshop. Compared to other free photo editing software available online, PhotoScape has both good and bad features.

In most cases, you'll notice that unless you're familiar with photographic terminology, you are left blind while operating this software. The good news is that there are tutorials to help you out. Some features are labeled in numbers, rather than names, which can be confusing ie Vignette style 1, style 2 etc. You have to select each style to see what it will make the image look like. The film effects, history and layering are also noticeably lackluster in PhotoScape.


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Astro says:
  • There are more special effects and filters than you'll be able to check out during next week
  • Professional image editing can be an occupation for amateurs
  • There are not many free software with such quality
  • It does not have the range and depth programs that are not for free such as Photoshop offer

Product Details

Rating: 6 (Users2662)
Ranking in Graphic Design: 2
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License: Free
File size: 20.00 Mb
Version: 3.6.5
Last updated: 7/6/2013
Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 7
Languages: English, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian, Swedish
Developer: Mooii
Download count (English): 69,108
Download count (Worldwide): 234,595

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